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In 2005 Cormac McCarthy published the novel No Country for Old Men to vast critical acclaim. Two years later Joel and Ethan Coen released their film adaptation of the novel in theaters to even more acclaim. I saw the film first and absolutely was floored by it. Since I was a much smaller Jonathan I’ve been a fan of the Coen brothers so I knew this was going to be a great film. However, I had never heard of Cormac McCarthy before seeing the movie but I knew right away that I had to read his novels. He soon became one of my favorite authors and was completely captivated by his work. But the reason I chose this particular adaptation was it’s fidelity to the source material–because it was universally accepted as being faithful to the novel as humanly possible. Going into this class, I firmly believed that the crux of a great adaptation is it’s fidelity to the source material. That would change over time.

One of the first theories branded into my head early on was the idea that fidelity doesn’t matter. I learned to embrace the idea that the source and the adaptation are two separate entities deserving of their own personal visions. The exploration of vastly different interpretations within the realm of adaption helped strengthen the need to step away from my fixation on fidelity. Once this occurred I was left with a question–why did I pick this particular adaptation?

I’ve always loved Westerns and understood how fascinating they are. They were always great stages to set a narrative. While we moved away from horses and carriages, the skeleton of the West could still support a great story–No Country is just one of those great stories. I chose to focus on the film and novel’s place in the Western genre. I explore the various themes found in Westerns along with how they relate to No Country. It made for some great discoveries along the way include some great insights that I never picked up on initially.

Putting together a presentation like this; one that is digital is highly motivating. Creating an interactive multimedia experience is a bit more entertaining than a stack of typed pages. Visual stimulation (and audio) along with some degree of entertainment always makes a learning experience a bit more engaging. I’ve worked with plenty of blogs before but this project really made me step up my WordPress game. I have to admit I never made a Power Point presentation before and was surprised how easy it was to put together along with how effective it was in getting information across to my readers. The entire experience of building and managing my site along with the research I conducted was really something unique that I hadn’t experienced in other semesters. It also allowed me to watch No Country for Old Men more times than I would have ever done in my living days.

So, without further ado, go on ahead and click any of the sections to the left and I hope you enjoy.


Happy Trails,

Jonathan Adler

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