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T. Title

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I. Texas

a.Sheriff Ed Tom Bell gives a voice over narration about being a lawman over various shots of Texas as the sun rises.

b.Anton Chigurh is taken away in handcuffs by a deputy into a cop car.

II.Police Station

a.The deputy speaks to another officer on the phone about Chigurh’s arrest and he mentions he had an “oxygen tank” on him.

b.Chigurh rises behind the deputy and strangles him with his handcuffs

c.Chigurh cleans his bloody wrists and leaves the police station with his “oxygen tank”.

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III.Texas Highway

a.Chigurh pulls over a pedestrian with his newly stolen police car

b. Chigurh uses his oxygen powered captive bolt pistol to kill the driver and steals his car

IV.Texas Desert 

a.Llewyn Moss hunts for antelope but comes upon the scene of a failed drug deal with multiple people dead.

b.Moss finds a dying man requesting water and realizes there must be one last man standing

c.Moss finds a dead man under a tree some distance away with a large case full of a great deal of money.

d.Moss takes a gun, the money, and leaves the scene of the crime to return home

V.Desert Aire Trailer Park

a.Moss returns home to his wife Carla Jean and eludes to him finding the money

b.Later in the night Moss decides to return back to the scene of the crime to give the dying man some water.

VI.Scene of the Crime

a.Moss returns to the scene with water for the dying man but finds him dead.

b.Mexican criminals arrive and pursue Moss in a pickup truck.

c.Moss takes a bullet to his shoulder while escaping and leaves his truck behind.

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VII.Gas Station

a.Chigurh enganges in a coin toss with the gas station owner resulting in life or death for the man.

b. Man wins coin toss and is left unscathed but disturbed by Chigurh.

VIII.Desert Aire Trailer Park

Moss returns home to retreive his money and explains to his wife that they are in trouble. Moss tells his wife she needs to go to her mother’s home in Odessa until this situation is corrected.

IX.Scene of the Crime

a.Chigurh meets with two “management” men and asses the situation

b.After getting a tracking device that will lead him to the money from the men he kills them both and takes Moss’ truck’s vin number.

X.Sheriff Ed Tom Bell’s Home

Bell speaks to his wife and takes a pair of horses with to investigate the scene of the

crime in the desert.

XI.Scene of the Crime

a.Bell and his deputy Wendell find Chigurh’s stolen car on fire and take the horses down

to the crime scene.

b.Bell and Wendell identify Moss’s truck and asses the crime scene.

XII. Desert Aire Trailer Park

a.Chigurh uses the air powered gun to break into Moss’ s trailer to find both Moss and his wife gone.

b.Chigurh questions the trailer park manager about Moss’s whereabouts to no avail.

XIII. Bus Station

Moss leaves his wife and sends her to Odessa while he goes off to Del Rio.

XIV. Desert Aire Trailer Park

Bell and Wendell arrive at Moss’s trailer and realize that not only is Moss gone but they have just missed Chigurh as well.

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XV.Del Rio Regal Motel

Moss rents a room and hides the money in air vent.

XVI.Phone Booth

Chigurh has obtained Moss’s phone bill and calls his mother in law looking for Moss.

XVII.Del Rio Regal Motel

a.Moss returns to the motel in a cab after purchasing new clothes.

b.Moss sees a truck parked in front of a room and believes he has been found while someone hides in his room.

C. Moss persuades the cabby to bring him to another motel.

XVII.Interior of Chigurh’s Car

Chigurh arrives in Del Rio with the tracking device.

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Wendell delivers Bell information about the man Chigurh killed and stole his car from. Bell is confounded and disturbed by the report that the victim lacked a bullet in the hole left by Chigurh’s air gun.

XIX. Tina’s Range Gear

Moss buys a shotgun and tent poles from an outdoor supply store.

XX,Del Rio Regal Motel

a.Moss returns to the motel and purchases another room directly behind his original one.

b.Moss assembles a long hook from the tent poles and wire hangers.

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XXII. Interior of Chigurh’s Car

Chigurh’s tracking device alerts him that he nearby the money as he approaches the Del Rio Motel.

XXIII.Del Rio Motel

a.Moss begins to use makeshift hook to extract money from the air vent.

b.Chigurh prepares to enter Moss’ original room with a silenced shotgun and his air gun.

c.Chigurh uses his air gun to break into the room and kills the Mexicans waiting for Moss. He soon realizes that Moss has escaped with the money.

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XXIV.Office Building

a.Carson Wells, another hitman who knows Chigurh very well, is hired by by Chigurh’s employer to track him down with the belief that he has gone rogue.

XXV.Eagle Hotel

a.Moss arrives at a new hotel near the Mexican border and tells the desk clerk to alert him if anyone comes looking for him.

b.Moss awakens from his sleep pondering his pursuers ability to constantly find him. As finds the tracking device in the money Chigurh arrives outside his door.

c.Moss and Chigurh have a fierce shootout without directly seeing each other’s faces and both obtain severe wounds.

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XXVI.Mexican Border

Moss poses as a drunk and passes across the border into Mexico. Moss is suffering from a terrible gut shot and tosses the money into a ditch to hide it.

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XXVII.Drug Store

Chigurh causes an explosion outside a drug store in order to distract it’s employees and steal medical supplies to treat his badly injured leg from the shootout.

XXVIII.Sheriff Station

Bell encounters a great deal of dead ends while trying to identify the many dead Mexicans. He expresses hesitation about meeting a DEA agent working the case and his own commitment to the case.

XXIX.Mexican Hospital

a.Moss lays in a hospital bed while recovering from his wounds but is awoken by Carson Wells.

b.Wells explains Chigurh’s mentality and relentless nature to Moss and warns him of his inevitable end.

c.Wells informs Moss that Chigurh knows that his wife is in Odessa and tells him that he is staying at the Eagle Hotel. Moss turns down Wells offer to help him if he hands over the money.

XXX.Another Diner

Bell meets with Carla Jean and tries to persuade her to help him find Moss because of the extreme danger he is in.

XXXI.Mexican Border

Wells finds the discarded money but leaves it behind.

XXXII.Eagle Hotel

a. Wells returns to his room and is cornered by Chigurh as gunpoint.

b.Wells pleads for his life while attempting to bribe Anton with his own money and the location of the stolen cash. The phone rings and Chigurh kills Wells after promising him that the money will be brought before him.

c.Moss calls Well’s room looking for him but Chigurh picks up the phone to his surprise.

Chigurh offers Moss the opportunity to turn himself over to die or he will kill Carla Jean.Moss instead vows to kill Chigurh.

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Wendell brings Bell more information on the rising body count but still refuses to involve himself directly in the investigation or the search.

XXXIV.Mexican Border

Moss crosses the border back into the United States and retrieves his money.

XXXV.Bus Station

Moss calls Carla Jean in Odessa and persuades her to leave and meet with him an El

Paso so they can escape via plane.

XXXVI.Odessa Bus Station

a. Carla Jean and her mother get ready to leave Odessa while being followed by Mexicans.

b.Carla Jean’s mother unknowingly tells one of the Mexicans that they are headed to El Paso while Carla Jean calls Bell to tell him their future destination with Moss.

XXXVII.Odessa Highway

Chigurh kills a truck driver and steals his truck after learning where the nearest airport is where Moss may be headed.

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XXXVIII.Desert Sands Motel in El Paso

a. Moss arrives at the motel and flirts with a young woman who invites him to share a drink in her room. Moss takes her up on the offer.

b.Bell arrives at the motel just as the Mexicans feel after killing Moss off camera.

c. Carla Jean arrives that evening and breaks down in tears at the motel’s crime scene.

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XXXIX.Yet Another Diner

After viewing Moss’s body at the morgue Bell meets with the local sheriff and learns that the money is gone and probably with the Mexicans. They both discuss the homicidal and nature of the seemingly inhuman Chigurh.

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XL.Desert Sands Motel 

Bell returns to the scene of the crime and is haunted by the idea that Chigurh is waiting to kill him from within the shadows but is nowhere to be found.

XLI.Ellis’s Home in the Texas Desert

a.Bell visits his crippled friend Ellis who is an ex lawman injured in the line of duty years ago.

b.Bell expresses his desire to retire as Sheriff because of his fear and his growing lack of comprehension of the modern criminal world. Bell also fears for his own mortality but Ellis assures him he can’t run from death’s inevitability.


a. After burying her mother Carla Jean returns to her mother’s home to find Chigurh waiting for her.

b.Chigurh explains he has to fulfill his vow Moss that he would kill her if he didn’t sacrifice himself. Chigurh offers her the coin toss chance at saving her life but she refuses to participate.

c.Chigurh leaves the house seemingly after killing Carla Jean off screen.

d.Chigurh drives away but is hit by another car leaving him terribly injured. Two children check on his condition and he buys one of their shirts to use as a makeshift sling and pays them off to deny seeing him.

e. Chirguh limps off into the distance.

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XLIII.Sherrif Bell’s Home.

Bell is now retired and discusses two mysterious dreams about his father he recently had with his wife. He appears visibly disturbed and haunted by them.

E. End Credits

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